Vista will not boot up at all


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I have a Packard Bell Istart D2314 on which the Vista operating systen came pre-installed and without any disk or instruction book as it was an ex display. It has worked ok until now. I have allowed automatic download and install of updates usually carried out on shutdown. The mosy recent occasion being three days ago the PC shut down after installing updates. Now it will not boot up no matter what I try. I have tried the F2, F3, F8, F11 options along with all the actions possible within those options to get the Pc to boot into any mode from where I can reach the repair facilities but it always ends up with a dialogue saying "Windows is loading files"(presumably repair files) followed by the Packard water splash screen from where I can go nowhere but back to power off/power on. Can anyone advise me what my options are to bring the Pc back to life? If I ugrade to Win 7 will this install over the existing vista in the state its in and will it do this without deleting all my data?


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Hi . Yes I tried F8 but it gives me the options "Repair your computer, three Safe mode options,Last known Good Configuration, debugging Mode and Start windows normally". None of which have any effect and always the same result.

Can you get into your bios screen? Have you tried the delete key instead of the F keys? Did you make your recovery disc's for reinstalling?

From the looks of things you may need to beg, borrow or well borrow a copy of Windows Vista and do an complete format and reinstall . I do know that MS will send you new media provided you can prove you owned a legit copy of windows


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You might check with "Packard Bell". They have a "Upgrade To Windows 7 Tool Kit". They also list which models are recommended for the upgrade. Are you planning to upgrade this other computer ? "Asus M3A32 MVP-Deluxe" (AM2+)

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@ Celestra is that a question to me in your last post about my motherboard

I most sincerely hope you have backed up your important files.
In order to try to determine if this is a hardware or a software problem you
can try a bootable CD, a good example of which is Ubuntu.
If you cannot boot to the desktop in Ubuntu then you have a serious hardware
If you can boot into Ubuntu (I am not advocating Linux for anyone but an OS
bootable from a CD has its uses) see if you can read your hard drive: I do
not think you will be able to read your hard drive but I hope so for your

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