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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by RichLu, Sep 25, 2008.

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    I have used Vista Movie Maker several times with a great deal of success. Recently I attempted to make a presentation movie and for whatever reason Movie Maker became unstable. I have an HP Pavilion Computer with an AMD 64 dual procesor, 1 gig memory and 250 gig HD. The program stoppes responding when I get into the audio portion of the movie. What am I doing wrong or not doing that I should be doing?

    Thanks RichLu
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    Hi! Sounds like you need help from Papa John, here's a link: windowsmoviemaker - Live Search He is in the group listed as "An active on line community for windows movie maker enthusiasts. Does a lot of free writing and group discussion, MVP on this topic.
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    You don't have a great deal of memory.. Does the app become sluggish after extended use or dealing with a lot of data? If so, more RAM will help and RAM at the moment is very, very cheap. If your using 32bit os remember your limit is 3GB as 4GB will not be recognised unless your using 64bit..

    You could also check the HP website and see if there's a updated audio driver.
    HP Pavilion Desktop PCs 

    The website above is the support section for Pavilion desktops. Just choose your particular model and see if there's any updates....Or... Let me know which one it is and I'll find them for you...:) (Although more RAM will definately help.. :cool:)

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