Vista Wont Shut Down

Hello everyone,

I've been having a problem with Vista lately, when I shut down my PC Vista shuts down correctly showing me the usual procedure, but when my monitor says "No video input" ( meaning Vista has shut down) my Computer is still on. Its quite annoying because I have to shut it down with the power button on the case every time. When it started acting like this I thought if i had installed any particular program, but I couldn't think of anything except that i did a Defrag and used Glary utilities or CCleaner (I don't remember which one) for my temporary Opera/FF/Internet Explorer files. So I tried to restore the system to a previous point but it didn't help. After I did a full Antivirus scan with: Kaspersky Online Antivirus Scanner, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, hijackthis and even RootkitBuster. None of these softwares found anything. I really don't understand whats happening.

I have very few programs that open at startup ( Nvidia Drivers, Audio Drivers, ,Password program and obviously all of the usual vista services) no Antivirus and Vista built in Firewall.

I also have a Dual Boot With Ubuntu ( I'm not much of an expert, but I don't think Ubuntu could be causing this).

If specs could be useful just ask.

Thank you


A couple of things to try:

1. Use Task Manager to Identify the Cause of the Shutdown Behavior. Use Task Manager to determine the programs that are currently running on the computer. For each program that is listed in Task Manager, manually quit the program, and then shut down and restart the computer to test if the shutdown problem is resolved.

2. Undo Any Recent Changes to the Computer. If the shutdown behavior occurs immediately after you make a change to the computer (for example, you install or upgrade either a program, a service, or hardware that has device drivers), undo the last change that you made.

3. Use Safe Mode and Boot log* to Identify the Cause of the Shutdown Behavior. When you start your computer in safe mode, only a minimal set of essential drivers and services is loaded. Safe mode is a useful diagnostic tool to use when you want to identify and resolve problems that are caused by faulty drivers, programs, or services that start automatically. If the computer shuts down correctly when it is in safe mode, restart the computer in safe mode, and then open the boot log file, and then make a note of the devices and services that did not load when you started your computer in safe mode.
To find out the correct method for starting in safe mode see:

Start your computer in safe mode - Windows Vista Help

Ok i tried start up repair and it didnt find any problems.

Untill Now i have tried to:

1)Close every program that wasn't from Microsoft, including my razer mouse configurator, my motherboard Audio Drivers and my password program but it didn't help. I didn't close any microsoft services because i wasn't sure if i could damage my pc.

2)Restore the system to a previous point, but i didnt help. When this started happening I hadn't installed or modified any particular programs or windows settings, as far as I remember.

3)Check if my Motherboard BIOS was updated and it was.

4) Shut it down in safe mode, problem still happens.

5) Use a Shutdown Shortcut instead of the usual shut down buttone in the start menu, didn't help

6) Run a System File Checker, no errors found

7) Run a checkdisk on my only Hard Disk, found nothing

For Some reason it shut down properly when i manually closed the windows defender User interface, or something like that. So i tried to not make Defender start when i boot but nothing changed.

I'm really dont know what to try next. Could Ubuntu be causing this maybe?

Thanks for trying to help

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