Vista won't start and lost partition


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Hello everyone here at the forum.
I used this forum once before and you guys helped me out with my freezing problem, and now I need your help again *sigh*

The problem I have now I qualify it as a very serious one...Vista won't start. So here it is what's happening:

I had to reformat an external HDD so I installed PartitionMagic 8 but something must have gone during the installation so PartitionMagic never opened. I gave up on that software and unistalled it. I rebooted my laptop after the unistallation and guess what, one of my partitions is gone!! My Data & Recovery partition is gone! So, I can no longer acess any of the files I had in there... I restarted the computer again and still no partition. Then I installed TestDisk to see what was happening, but I only opened the program once, because it's was too confusing for me. I shut down the computer and when I restarted it again I got this message:

"Bootmgr is missing.
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

So, now I have 2 problems!!Vista won't start and a partition is gone!

I read online that to solve this bootmgr problem you need to acess StartUp Repair but my Recovery partition is gone, so I'm not able to acess StartUp Repair...As I have a Recovery partition (or had... :mad:) I don't have a Vista CD to use either...

So now what do I do? I have no way to acess StartUp Repair so I can't start the laptop. Also, will I ever be able to recover the files in the lost partition?

Thanks in advance for any help :)


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Wow, thanks for your help kemical.

That website wasn't just useful it was a lifesaver :D

Problem solved! Actually the 2 problems are now solved. I downloaded the recovery disc, burned it and it worked! Vista starts and my lost partition is now back :D

Once again, thanks for helping me.


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Your very welcome my friend...:) Glad to help.

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