vista x86 to windows 7 x64, clean install rolls back to vista

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by tdiddy, Dec 22, 2009.

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    I've been trying to upgrade my parents computer from vista x86 home premium to windows 7 x64 with a clean install. Everytime i go to boot the computer with my 7 installation disk, it begins to load files, then windows boot manager starts saying their is a problem with driver \system32\drivers\wdf01000.sys and error code 0x0000096. I have asked MS and they said to get another copy of that driver.. since my computer did not come with a disc, i recovered the whole computer back to factory condition hoping that would help, i also ran windows repair and that did not do anything. Vista works fine on this computer

    I have the HP m8125x. Specs here: Just upgraded the RAM to 4GB (works fine in vista) and replaced the optical drive (it had burnt out and i needed it to burn the installation disc) could either of these be causing it?

    I have also tried unplugging my wireless keyboard, printer, IR receiver etc..

    BIOS is uptodate

    any other suggestions?

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    Since you burned you own installation disk I suspect it is corrupt and that is the problem. Try re-burning the ISO at X4 or slower. Also, it sounds like you are trying to do a clean install from within Vista. Boot to the new disk and install to another partition. You will set up a dual boot Vista/Win7 configuration.

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