Windows 7 Visual Studio 3D StarterKit


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Want to write a 3D game for Windows 8, but not sure where to start?
In this video, we'll show you the Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit, which is now available on the Visual Studio Developer Code Samples site for all editions of Visual Studio 2012 that support writing Windows Store apps, including Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8. JP and Roberto walk you through this C++ code sample which shows you how to use common capabilities in 3D apps and games for the Windows Store, such as:

  • Loading textures, models, shaders
  • Working with a Camera class
  • Creating a 3D Scene
  • Using XAML with DirectX
We'll also show you how to use the Model and Image Viewers and Shader Designer which are included in retail editions of Visual Studio 2012.
Also check out the Towers of Hanoi project on CodePlex that Roberto shows in this video, which is an example of how you can adapt the Starter Kit for use in your own apps and games.