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Version 1.0.6 (part of the 'Goldeneye' branch) of the free media player and streamer – VLC media player – eliminates nine security vulnerabilities and offers increased stability. The vulnerabilities were discovered by the developers while working on the code for the upcoming version 1.1.0 and include heap overflows in the audio decoders for DTS, MPEG and A/52, and memory access errors in the AVI, ASF and Matroska demultiplexers.

Some of the flaws could probably be exploited to inject and execute code via crafted media files. For such an attack to succeed the user would have to download and open a file - for example a video file from a manipulated file hosting service.

The module for Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) was completely removed for safety reasons and the developers plan to restore RTMP input based on FFmpeg in VLC version 1.1.0.

A complete list of changes is available on the VLC media player 1.0.6 source page. The new version is currently only available as source code, but the binaries for Windows and Mac OS X, are likely to be available soon.

The upcoming version 1.1.0, the start of 'The Luggage' branch of the code, for the first time supports H.264, and MPEG-VC-1 / WMV movie decoding via the graphics card hardware on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Linux. VLC is released under version 2 of the GNU General Public License (GPLv2).
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VLC 1.1.3

What's new in 1.1.3

Extensions and scripts updates
Miscellaneous fixes in interfaces
Updated translations

Taglib crash (CVE-2010-2937 / VideoLAN-SA-1004)
Fixes for FTP relative paths and directories
Fixes for Podcast and DVD modules

... and many other crashes and errors fixed


VLC playback Features

(new update released half an hour ago)

VLC 1.1.4

What's new in 1.1.4

A bit after the 1.1.3, an important security issue was discovery in most windows applications, and VLC is affected too. Since security issues matters, here is a new release, targeted for the Windows platform!

*Windows Dll loading security issue, in Qt4 and dmo modules - VideoLAN-SA-1005

*Fix for folders opening issue on Windows

*Updated translations


VLC 1.1.5

Introducing small features and fixing important bug and a security issue, here is VLC 1.1.5.

* 1000 Web-shows listing integrated inside VLC's playlist, provided by Channels.com
* New Game Music Emu (GME) support
* Windows SMB security issue - VideoLAN-SA-1006
* Major updates in translations, and new translations in Asturian, Armenian and Modern Greek
* Mac/PowerPC port fixed in
* live .webm streams support
* GPU HD decoding using Intel IGP on Windows, using DxVA2
* Miscellaneous fixes on all Interfaces, Demuxers and Decoders modules
* Codecs updates

VLC Media Player 1.6

VLC Media Player 1.6

wo months after VLC 1.1.5, and after mor than 58 million downloads of VLC 1.1.5, here is a minor release of VLC 1.1.6.

Introducing small features and fixing important bugs and a security issues, here is VLC 1.1.6.

- Security updates in codecs and demuxers
- Support for RTP/PCM 24bits, audio/L24
- Support for MPC SV7/SV8 on Windows and MacOS builds
- Faster Webm/VP8 decoding
- Support for Midi on MacOS
- Major updates in most language translations
- Support for projectM visualisation on Windows
- KDE and PulseAudio integration improvements
- Subtitles fixes and improvements
- Improvements in visualisations and interfaces
- Codecs updates
- Many miscellaneous fixes

VLC Media Player 1.7

VLC 1.1.7

VideoLAN and the VLC development team present VLC 1.1.7, a small security update on 1.1.6.

Small new features, many bugfixes, updated translations and security issues were making the 1.1.6 release.

Notable improvements include codecs, demuxers, Audio-CD support, subtitles, visualization and platform integration.


VLC 1.1.8

Small new features, many bugfixes, updated translations and security issues are making this release too. Notable improvements include updated look on Mac, new Dirac encoder, new VP8/Webm encoder, and numerous fixes in codecs, demuxers, interface, subtitles auto-detection, protocols and platform integration.
Source and Windows and MacOSX builds are available.

Security update regarding video width concerning some demuxers
Support for a new Dirac encoder based on libschroedinger

Package of the new VP8/Webm encoder 'Bali'
Notable updates in .mp4, .ogg, .ape demuxers
Major updates in most language translations
Fixes in skins2 supports of Winamp2 skins
Upgrade on the look of VLC for Mac OS X
Auto-detection for .txt subtitles is fixed
Fixes on Windows integration, notably regarding volume keys
Codecs updates
Many miscellaneous fixes


VLC 1.1.9

- Security update regarding a heap-based buffer overflow in mp4 demuxer
- Update of libmodplug for security reasons in Windows and Mac versions
- Major updates in most language translations
- Numerous updates and fixes on the interface and look of VLC for Mac OS X
- Growl is bundled with VLC on Mac OS X now
- Many miscellaneous fixes

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