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I am using headphones in windows 7 professional .. when i am trying the speech recognization using my head phone mic .. it shows no voice has been detected .. i can"t do voice chat in gtalk help me out plz plz plz


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Could you provide some information regarding specifics as to what sound card you are using, Manufacturer's name, model name and or number?
Additionally right click on the speaker icon down by your system clock in the notification area and choose "Recording Devices" and then use the snipping tool to capture an image that includes the area that displays your default device.
As many of these devices might require some specific tweaks our members here might have some specific information for you regarding you device if they know what you are using.
Also make sure you have the most recent updated device drivers for your sound card from the device manufactuer's website.
For instance if you are currently using a RealTek HD audio device you would want to be using the device driver found here Realtek
So determine which audio card you are using and attempt to obtain a Windows 7 compatable device driver for it. (Make sure you determine if you need a 64bit or 32 bit driver for your installed version of the OS.)

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i am using default sound driver provided by windows 7 bro .. :)


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That could very well be the problem. However without knowing the manufacturer, model name, model number, etc., specific to your audio hardware device I cannot say for certain.
Is your microphone being recognized as a potential recording device in any other programs?

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