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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by Nitro, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Last night i found the voice recognition thing and set it up and did the hole learn how to use thing and i opened up notepad to try it out and it worked great, Now today i went to the help vista understand you better option and it just kept pausing and still wont leave the saying"i am now talking to my computer"so i just exited out and it said that it is now finished once i left and now it wont spell a single word right, I have tried to re do the under stand you better thing but it still just sits on the fist page and wont work, If there is anyway i can reset it to its old file it used or something?? It is really annoying that it worked just yesterday and now i cant find how to reset it and i cant re record or anything. Please help

    Thank you!, Nick
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    Have you tried going through the set-up sequence again?
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    Hi!!!! I know a couple of things about voice recognition. 1) You need a special headset with a microphone with boom- pick-up problems. 2)There are bugs in the system that allow for hackers. I've heard when the system was first introduced, it had problems recognizing speech- ( Oh Well, maybe that is cured by now). Here is an article to examine: http://.infoworld,com/article/7/02/01/HNvistaspeechbug_1.html

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