Volume too low, cannot raise...

Hey all,

As the title suggests, ever since installing windows 7, I'm unable to get the volume levels that I used to.

I have a set of powered Logitec 2.1 speakers that I used to be only able to turn up to about half and it would become too loud for my apartment or hearing pleasure. (It was the same with our with out headphones) But lately I will have to run it at MAX volume to get anything decent out of them. I've checked every volume setting and control I know of. It's kind of odd, I'll seem ok at some times, and then at others i'll really notice it.

I just built the computer maybe a month or two ago, and I havn't had any luck with it since.
Motherboard" ASRock 870 extreme3
AMD CPU Phenom II x6 1100 Black
8GB ram
Integrated Realtek sound
... whatever else.

Now before you suggest that I set the communications options to "Do Nothing" I've already done that. I've also updated reinstalled drivers blah blah blah. So I need some fresh Ideas here.



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have you tried checking loudness equalisation? See screenie:

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Yes I have. Actually, when I checked that it made it slightly quieter. So I returned it to an unchecked state.


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I read through your post again and notice you say that originally the volume was fine. Do you have a restore point going back to that time? Can you remember installing anything around that time?

I do not. There' wasn't an acutal time that it started being ... non normal. It was more or less something that I just noticed once in a while... usually when I wanted to turn up the volume and would hit max and be like... "I remember this being way louder on 1/2 to 3/4." I think this has been an issue since I've built the new computer. New hardware, new OS, same speakers though. I was kind of just hoping there was a Windows 7 tweak but I'm not getting any luck. Maybe I'm just getting hard of hearing :p

Acutally, I'm just sitting here thinking about it, and realizing that normal volumes still seem ok. The times I notice it most is when I try to crank it up for itunes or a game with head phones. I guess I could check into it maybe being an itunes issue, but that wouldn't explain the game. The whole ordeal almost acts like there is some sort of "feature" that will adjust my volume down as I crank it up.


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Does your head set have an integrated (in-line) volume control on it. If so try reducing it to the minimum setting and see if you get any more volume from your actual speakers as a result.


WOW. Never in a million years would I have thought of that. By golly it worked.

Thank you sir.


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You're welcome glad to hear that you were able to resolve your problem and thanks for posting back and updating your thread.
Mine does the same thing.
Thanks for joining our community and we hope to continue to see you around.

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