Volume Tray Icon & Realtek Audio Manager

I just start using Windows 7 and wondering if there is a way to disable volume tray icon. Because my sound card already has a tray icon.

And another question, when i plug a headphone to front audio panel i can choose through Realtek Audio Manager to disable back panel or use them separately.
I was very fond of being able to choose when i was using vista. But it doesnt work on windows 7. Regardless of what i choose it always uses the default device (If the back panel is choosed back panel is always active, if i choose headphones, headphones are active when they are plugged and when they are unplugged back panel is active.).

Is there an option which is interfering with this?

Thanks in advance. :p


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To disable the Volume icon, Select the small up-arrow to the left of the System tray. Select Customize, Then on the left side select "turn system icons on of off"

Here you can turn off the Volume icon.

The other issue is usually controlled by the Audio driver. Which sound card do you have? What motherboard?

Thanks for the reply pbcopter,
since i choosed all system tray icons to be visible all the time, that arrow wasnt there which made it hard to find that menu without knowing it :) but i found it and it worked. Thanks! :)

For the latter problem, it is an onboard sound card(with Realtek® ALC889 chipset) and my motherboard is msi P55-CD53. I now started downloading the driver from the msi webpage. I'll install it and come back here either if the problem is solved or not. Assuming thats what i should do if this is driver related, right?

I removed the driver and then installed the driver i downloaded from msi. No change:frown:

I installed the driver from there now. MSI version was, realtek's is but there is no change with the problem. :frown:


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I guess I don't really understand your problem, I'm sorry. I have the same realtek Audio manager and it seems to operate normally.

Thanks anyways. Can i ask you one last thing, can you tell me the version of your driver? You can look it from the "i" button at Realtek HD Audio Manager.

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