W10 found good updated drivers! how copy them for my 7 machine?


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hi guys i am new here and not too smart about these things.

i have 2 laptops, i just put 10 in this one and i want to keep 7 on the other one.

well i was looking for hardware driver updates for 7, and i used the common updaters (not bad).

but now i see windows 10 has found some very good recent updated drivers which i could never find!

my question is, can i copy driver installers from 10? the idea is i would then install them (or try) on my 7 laptop.

my experience so far is limited to "download, click to install"; no playing with folders etc. yet. thanks !!

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do you mean the drivers which are installed via Windows update?

i mean, right after i installed windows 10, there were many updated hardware drivers .... those are the ones i want to copy to my laptop that has windows 7.... such as wireless, USB 3, etc.
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Ah ok well those drivers come come windows 10 and I'm not sure how you would or even if could save them to use on another os. I've never heard of anyone doing that. Also and rather more importantly laptop drivers have to be supplied by the manufacturer apart from some gpu drivers. You can't simply install drivers from anywhere else.


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hi tachtihc;

Kemical is right; installers for drivers must be gotten from the computer manufacturer's website via download; for example, Dell or HP. If you download Win10 drivers for your model laptop (the Win7) say it's a dell, those drivers aren't designed nor certified for the hardware and OS you are running on that computer (Win7). They may work, or seem to work, there are lots of folks here who try this because a friend, family member, or co-worker who does not fix computers for a living suggested it; but they will cause lots of other problems from Windows OS system file compatibility (API & DLL levels), to full-blown registry corruption that requires hard drive erasure and full OS reinstallation. Not really recommended. Do people do it? Yes, all the time, and we are here to tell you we spend many untold hours fixing the results of same.

My 2 cents.