W7 64Bite Premium Service Pack 1

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    How can i create or Re-Store POINT IN:
    W7 64Bite Premium Service Pack 1

    I have create before restore point, but Is not there anymore.

    The problem is when I start My PC some 2 command windows show really fast and I'm not quite sure what it's.
    Windows working fine is just I have a problem using a software when I delete software I not longer use. I cant create restore point.
    I would post what technical support (Revo Uninstaller Pro.) have to say on this matter.

    Restore Point Image.
    I notice System File Is OFF!
    I have try to create restore point But I cant do it. is there a way post Image here to show people who willing to help me to better understand my Computer problem?

    Would you need to know other hardware in my PC?
    I am the only user Toshiba Qosmio X505 Q894

    Thank you very much for reading my post

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