W7 7100 doesn't see camcorder at all

Hi Guys,

W7 64bit installed like a charm... love the dam thing. Looks great too. (Media Player actual plays avi video at adjustable speed!!!! amazing)

One problem. I plug in my Panasonic GS-400 camcorder (in VCR mode) to my firewire port and W7 acts like nothing happened.

Tried different cables, front port, back port. (camera works fine in xp BTW)

Any ideas?

Gigabyte GA-X48-DS5
Intel Q6600
Corsair 4GB
(2) HIS HD 2600XT
74GB Raptor
750GB Seagate
Samsung DVD
(all drives SATA)

sounds like a driver issue. See if their is a Win 7 driver, or try the latest Vista driver, both in compatibilty mode and natively. Otherwise it's wait until the RTM.

I've tried several drivers including unibrain and another signed driver included in W7.

It occurs to me that although computing as made many advanced in the last few years, we are way, way off from smart, easy to use computers.

I shouldn't have to spend hours making something work. Yes, I know this is a RC, but I had the same problem with XP. (I'm one of those that skipped vista so W7 in my first intro into it.

Appreciate the response...


Only way to do this is through Windows Live Photo Gallery. There, hidden in the File menu you'll find the import function.

LOl, I agree with you. But given that there are THOUSANDS of PC makers and PC componets, it isn'tgoing to happen. The compatability program is suppose to minimize this, but it falls short too. MS counts on a bit of luck here to cover their a** but things get by. Add to this that some makers count on luck and not having to invest any more in a product they have sinced stop making/supporting, well you get the picture. Buyer Beware.

What we need is a upgrade policy where they but back the old and we get the new. (gee, what a costumer oreinted way of thinking...we'll never see that...sigh)

Windows photo gallery gives no love

Anyone have any other ideas....

Windows photo gallery gives no love

Anyone have any other ideas....
What do you mean, you can't find it in the menu or the popup shows no camcorder?

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