W7 and emagic amt8

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    A very frustrating experience tonight. I have found W7 to be mostly positive; aside from a sound card issue it's been very stable, but tonight I hit a brick wall.

    My roommate has a lot of musical equipment; specifically, we tried to hook up the following device
    Emagic AMT8 MIDI Interface (USB) from zZounds.com!

    but the drivers didn't work:
    Emagic AMT 8 Drivers - Gearslutz.com

    The first thing my friend said was, "I'd never run W7 in my studio for this reason. Definitely XP."

    I do understand that this is circa-2000 hardware, and the company was bought by Apple so I can't really expect them to push their development team to write W7 drivers for it. However, he did spend about $500 on this piece of equipment (and much more on other equipment that is chained through it) so I can understand his feelings.

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    Circa 2000,

    I can undderstand why.

    There has to be better quality hardware than he's using for a lower price tag with better quality anmd more features.:)

    This happens often in home theater equipment as wekl as PC's. You have to stay up with the times

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