Windows 7 W7 and internet/net issues


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Jun 8, 2009
after reading countless of posts with people describing the same problem it seems W7 7100build has a problem with keeping a stable connection to the internet or lans, and the main symptons are ; you loose connection and need to reset your local area connection and you get the message that the local gateway is down and everything is fine after a reset until next time which will happen asap as you try to stream,browse,play etc.... :s

Now this seems to happen only when people are maxing out their bandwith with playing games, streaming and or just browsing at the same time, simply put running multiple programs that require a lan. now the big question is..who has a solution for this?, its only being reported for 7100build and i can confirm that it has never happen on xp,vista, or any w7 beta builds on my computers, only w7 7100, my router is fine, my cables are fine, my networkcards are fine, my isp is fine, this is a 7100 build problem!. now...start brainstorming or will someone from ms look at this? :)
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