Windows 7 W7 Build 7057 Network Disconnects Every 5-30 min


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Mar 21, 2009
Hey, have this horrible problem here that is driving me absolutely insane. While using build 7000 i did not have this problem but when i upgraded to build 7057 i noticed it right away. I seem to lose connectivity to the router every 5-30 min. I lose connection to the internet and network and the only way to fix it is the network troubleshooter program. Uploading a screenshot of what its doing when it gets fixed. I have already tried to disable the IP6..IPV6..or whatever it is in the adapter settings and that did not help. I tried to update the driver since apparently im using the network driver that comes with windows but I cannot find an appropriate driver for Win7.

I have a Nvidia Network Adapter, I downloaded the newest forceware for vista 64bit (no win7 yet) and it didnt even give me the option of installing the network drivers. The internet/network appears to work at full speed very well untill I get that problem. I just got it while typing this out right now actually ><

Specs are:
Windows 7 64bit Ultimate Build 7057
XfX 680i
Intel Q6600
8800GTS 512MB G92
Just gonna copy/paste this from another thread I responded to....

Which wireless router are you using? I had this very same problem with my Linksys WRT54G wireless router, and I flashed an open-source firmware to it that got rid of the problem. Linksys' firmware is a bit flakey, so if you have one of their routers, I'd highly recommend flashing it with either DD-WRT or Tomato firmware (depending on what model and version router you have). Just make sure to do your homework before flashing your router. It's very straight-forward and if you follow the instructions to the letter, you should have no issues. Don't skip any steps and make sure you have the correct firmware for your model/version of router or you could brick your router and possibly have to buy a new one.

I should mention that I'm using the 7000 build, but it sounds like exactly the same issue I was having.
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