W7 clean install from a non bootable system?

I have the upgrade disk/s for 3 systems (family pack) ....sys1 was fine and successful.....in the process of updating system 2, the upgrade install required SP1 be installed on the existing Vista S/W......well, the system crashed during that process and the system failed to boot but offered a restore point......
the restore point process has been going on for several hours (4 so far).
The window, "startup repair", is on a black screen, with the exception of GATEWAY across it with "please wait" below it) indicates it is working, but......... A black bar oscillates back and forth and the message is attempting repair. I tried the cancel button, but the message is it can't be stopped.
The question is....assuming the restore never completes, I must power down the system.....since it likely will not boot normally, how to I use the DVD to now install the whole system clean?

Will the DVD boot automatically and allow an OS load or is somwthing necessary in addition.
Any help appreciated......novice at the helm, I'm afraid! ;-)


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An old person like me can't follow the way you asked your question/questions. So I will just mention some things.

You can do a Custom(install) so you do not have to install over Vista. If the OS is on the drive, it will remember. If you thought you had to install over Vista, you do not. It is always better to do a clean install if possible.

Some systems may have some type of restore partition which might be interferring with the install. Maybe check with Gateway to see if they have any special procedures or suggestions. The DVD should boot and if there is still traces of a prior OS you should be able to do a Custom install.

Yes.. if it's a factory disk it will boot and you can do a clean install from the CUSTOM menu which will format your drive... better have it backed up.

You know you have to go into your bios menu and set your boot priority to boot to the dvd first ?

Solved (almost!)

Thanx for the info.....I WAS forced to boot from the W7 DVD and the installation proceeded without issue, EXCEPT besides losing my apps (expected), I also lost several drivers, discovering my usb wireless product from Buffalo, doesn't (yet) support W7......all and all not a great experience, but in fairness, the original problem occured when I was updating Vista to Service Pack 1 as part of the W7 installation instruction.

Guess Vista got me "one more time" before I "deeped sixed" ir forever......W7 CAN'T be worse than Vista, so I am hopefull in the future! :razz:


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You can always try the Vista drivers if there are no Windows 7 drivers.


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Anyone having troube with drivers after an install, might want to check out this freeware program:

Double Driver

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