W7 Custom Install Issue-No Device Drivers Found


I downloaded the student edition of windows 7 Home Premium, I am currently running Vista Ultimate so cannot do an update
and have to do a custom install.

I downloaded it fine, ran it, it opens up fine with the blue windows 7 opening screen, I select install, then select custom install. In the next window I have an empty white box which I presume is supposed to list my HD's allowing me to select where I want to install Windows 7. None of my HD's are showing up, I'm given the option to browse or scan, when I select this it gives me the message-

No device were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click OK

Any suggestions?



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Are you running a RAID? If so you might need special drivers. Have your drives been used before?

Not sure if Im running a RAID, how do I find this out? Looking in the BIOS I dont believe I am (if there is where you find out), the drives have been used before and are in use stil.

Slight development too I plugged in a second SATA hard drive that I use for storing music and films on and it recognises this at the install screen, but when I select this HD to install it on( I dont actually want it installed here but just thought Id try anyways) it gave me the error message "setup was unable to create a new system partition"

Also, not sure if this is related, but when I go onto computer management, under disk management, where my HD's should be listed, I only have the second HD I plugged in listed. However under device manager they both appear? Could this be related to my HD not showin up on the install screen on Windows 7?



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On the drive listed in Disk Managment is there a small red x next to where it says Disk 0 or whatever? Does is show an Healthy partition System and active?

The drive listed in disk management appears fine, no problems reported on it at all. I'm most confused about why Im missing a drive in disk management though, bearing in mind that it appears in device manager fine and I can access it fine, its the drive which my OS is installed on.

I'm having the same issue, though I'd prefer to do an upgrade install rather than a custom install. The upgrade install tells me I don't have enough space although I have approximately 50gb free. I'm assuming it's just not finding my hard drive to upgrade.

I read that the drives dissappearing from disk management could be a problem with a rootkit virus. I got anti-rootkit software to try to fix the problem. It didn't work for me but I'd give it a whirl if I were you, seems like other people have had luck.

Here's where I read about it: Hard drives missing from Disk Managment

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