W7 finds network but no internet while firewalls active


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I know there seem to be a lot of people reporting internet trouble but i;ve not seen any thread yet that seems to have quite the same issue here.

I have a compaq presario laptop and an AOpen Desktop, the original stats of which I no longer have any idea such are the changes I've made to it in it's lifetime.

After upgrading both to Windows 7, the desktop, equipped with a D-Link N series Rangebooster WiFi card, will pick up my network, Womble_Manor, and connnect fine. After approx. 5 seconds the status will change to No Internet and stay that way.

Now if I leave the available networks window open and, while connected to Womble_Manor, click refresh, it will buy me about 5 seconds of internet usage again. I have accessed the router from the desktop, logged in, checked all my settings, and it's fine. The Network option under Computer shows my laptop (But oddly enough NOT another desktop running XP Pro, only the laptop)

At this point if I turn off the windows Firewall, everything works without issue, so I thought maybe a compatibility error. I disabled the wireless card, switched off the firewall, installed one from Comodo instead, re-enabled the D-Link, same thing. It just does not like to retain net connection when any firewall software is running.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm most appreciative!


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