W7 Freezes when copying large files to/from USB Drives


I've problem in doing a copy of large files (ISO image of 4 Gbytes) to/form external USB drives.
I've tried two different disks with the same result. After copying 2 Gbytes the system freezes and I have to power cycle.
I've seen that CPU load goes to 100% before freezing. I've Also tryed using SyncBackSE with the same result.
The system was Idle during the operation. One of the strange thing is that it happened yesterday for the first time after copying 5 images from USB-HD to my local HD. Now it freezes on every single (big) file.

p.s. doing the same operation over the network to my NAS (NetgearDUO storage) works fine.

My system is a Shuttle Barebone (SN68SG2) with 4 Gbyte Ram and Windows 7 X64 Build 7100.

Any help would be appreciated.


I forgot to specify that all the disks are formatted in NTFS.

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