w7 goes to sleep why


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this computer now goes to sleep for no reason
I have looked in the power control and nothing is maked to close down at any time
where else controls this


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So, you have "never" under sleep? What about hibernate or "Turn off display"?
Try this:
Right clcik the desktop - personalise.
Click (over bottom right) "screen saver"
What do you have there?
Select "None" if you have anything else. Reboot and see if the computer still goes to sleep.


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Anything in the Event Viewer around the time it "goes to sleep"?

Are you sure it is sleeping, what do you have to do to get it back?

How often does this happen, and any particular time sequence involved?

If this is a laptop, does it make a difference if it is plugged in or not?


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what i have done to nimimise this is set up a screen saver and extended the time before it comes in
normal it about 15 minutes and it shows the blue screen with the user account