W7 installer not recognizing Blu-ray DVD drivers

I'm sure i cant be the first with this problem, but after searching for about an hour or so im just gonna ask directly, sorry if this is a duplicate request.

I'm Building a killer system for a friend of mine.

Windows 7 64bit Ultimate for System Builders
Asus Crosshair III Forumla 790FX
Quad Core AMD 3.4GHZ Phenom Black
8GB DDR3 1600OC
Dual Sapphire Radeon HD5850's 1GB DDR5 in Crossfire configuration
LG Blu-Ray DVD burner SATA
Lite-On Blu-Ray Reader SATA
Dual 160GB WD Blue in Raid 1
Single Seagate 1.5tb
WinTV HD TV Tuner

Here's my problem. Windows 7 Loads from the LG Blu-ray device fine. I click on Install Now and get the following error. "A required cd/dvd device driver is missing." It tells me that i can remove the windows 7 disc to install the driver disc that came with the device, but the device is not recognized to do that. Will W7 installer recognize a USB drive that i could load the drivers to?

I have tried using an older SATA Lite-on dvd burner with the same problem...
I have also tried using an IDE DVD burner with no luck

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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I figured it out. I did not realize that the interface i was seeing was being run from the Disc drive and not the hard drive. Once i realized this, i realized what my real problem was the raid drivers not being installed. I took them off the MOBO disc and put them on a Thumb drive and all is working fine now.

Im not sure if anyone has said this yet, but if during installation you get stick like i did, check and see if the C: drive comes up in the Browse option. I was not paying attention and didnt realize it was the X: (boot drive) that was only showing. If you are using a raid setup like i am, you will probably have to install the drivers and everything should work fine.

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