w7 laptop-multiple problems with W2K network

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    Hello: trying but unable to do:
    -w7pro to connect (cat 5e not wireless) to my home C/S w2K network, so that I can access files at a wXPproSp3 pc. I can connect to that same XPproSP3 PC from another XPproSP3 PC, and from my OS X.5 mac (using smb). I can connect from the w7 laptop to a shared directory on the server.
    I am not able to:
    -rename the computer name. It is now known as 7laptop.The domain name is not the full domain such as xxx.yyy.gov. What the laptop calls itself is "7laptop.xxx" What if I was able to eliminate the xxx, would that simplify/fix the problem? (But, I can't seem to get rid of the .xxx portion, either.)
    -not able to join the. The laptop is part of the "workgroup" called "workgroup", but try as I might, I cannot seem to add it to the proper domain here in our home again as an example (not the true domain) "xxx.yyy.gov". I keep getting "the active directory domain controller for the domain ("xxx.yyy.gov") could not be contacted". So I can't change the computer name, nor join the domain, until I'm able to join the domain, a circular issue. There is only 1 domain controller, the w2K server, & everything seems fine there. Advice? Thank you.

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    First are you running DHCP on the 2k server and is your Win7 pro machine receiving proper IP addressing from it, if not, you will need to set the primary DNS server address manually in the properties of IPv4 for your wired adapter on the Win7 machine to point to the IP address of the DNS server for the domain. Is the w2k server fully service packed (Sp4, I think)
    Second you may need to adjust the NTLMv2 as well as possibly the security authentication level on the Win7 machine
    into the search or run dialog box and hit enter and refer to attachment.

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