W7 Pro 64-bit Clean Install, some loose ends.


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I upgraded my Lenovo laptop from Vista Ultimate 32-bit to W7 Pro 64-bit. I used a retail upgrade as Lenovo won't supply a 64-bit upgrade for a 32-bit preloaded system. I should have known that when I ordered the laptop, but I didn't. The upgrade (clean install) on a new 'cloned' HDD worked just like Paul Thurrott said it would. Now I'm trying to round up all the hardware drivers needed to make all the W7 functions work. One of those functions is the 'Fax and Scan' facility. So far I've used the W7 driver matrix on Lenovo's web site to download the proper drivers for my T500 system. The matrix shows 1 driver file for the T500 internal modem under W7 64-bit. The Vista system came preloaded with 8 driver files for the same 'HDA CX20561 Soft Modem'. So it's no surprise the Fax works great under Vista 32-bit and not so great under W7 64-bit. I can't 'hear' the internal modem when faxing out with W7 so I really don't know what's happening. So my question is other than calling Lenovo support does anyone have any suggestions on how I can find out the what & where of the W7 drivers for a new Lenovo laptop for 'Fax and Scan' modem support? It's been my experience that if Lenovo can't restore, replace or substitute a failing component then they ain't a lot of help. Maybe somebody has already blazed this trail and could share their information with me. TIA for your help.
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Before having fun w/ Lenovo Customer Support the the FAX stuff designated as being for Vista... good chance will fly w/ Windows 7, as well.


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Hi Drew,
I thought about doing that but I wanted other opinions before taking the plunge. I had / have concerns about the 32 to 64 bit differences as some the driver names in the Vista system reference '32' where none of the W7 do but on the other hand most the W7 names use VST as part of the name;
Here are the preloaded Vista modem drivers;
Here are the current W7 modem drivers;
As I said in the first post I can't hear any dial tone or tone dialing sounds. Maybe some driver guru will chime in and tell us what those files do. Maybe then I could just mix and match, LOL. Thanks for your reply.
Bob Helms


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12/13/09 Lenovo Driver Matrix Isn't Up To Date.

Well guess what? The Lenovo Driver Matrix (MIGR-70443) is not up to date for Windows 7 Modem Drivers.
For Thinkpad T500's you need to download v7.80.5.0 (MIGR-73700). I had to click on the 'cache' button as displayed from Google to get access to the download. Otherwise you get some sort of 'We're Sorry' message saying "you can't get there from here". It corrected my internal modem issues (no sound). I called Lenovo support, there were helpful in resolving this problem.:redface:

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