Windows 7 W7 RC and XP shares - still a problem


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Hi there
I have NO problem with an XP machine accessing shares on W7.
The W7 machine can SEE the XP computer but can't access any of its resources (diagram 1)

However if I choose Connect network drive and type the actual name of the share (for example \\greyfox\e I get the password prompt (which is fine -- that's what I want) and can then attach the XP share. (diagram 2).

I thought this problem was FIXED in an earlier build of W7. I shouldn't have to go through this B/S to connect to a simple share on a LOCAL network.

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Network Shares

I also had problems connecting to network shares with RC1, which I dont remember having with the beta so I formatted and reloaded with the beta and problem is gone! There is something odd with RC1 connecting to network shares over Beta. I think it has to do with NTLM and how it's set under network security because if I change that it works.

This problem is where you can see other machines on the network but when you click on them it will not show you any shares and you will get a login dialog which will always fail. It even fails to view shares that open to the world!