Hi all,

I have encountered a problem that I cannot fix.....

First of all running W7 Pro

Trying tp get into the network at my wife's employer. Go to their web site and get logged in.

Then go to their remote desktop connection and the tunnel gets created. When the system goes to launch MSTCP it gives the dialog to confirm that you want it to run, get the busy circle for about 5 secs then nothing so we cannot get into the network completely.

Eventhough the tunnel has been created, we cannot do anything on their system. However, if we go onto my computer running WinXP Home, we can do everything with no problems.

We are both going through the same router. The only difference there is that I am wired on my desktop and she is wireless on her laptop.

Are there some settings that I am missing? Anything else that I am missing? I always thought I am pretty good with computers but this has me stumped! Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



Noob Whisperer
What is MSTCP? Do you mean mstsc.exe (Microsoft Terminal Server Client)?
Try turning of UAC
Type user account control into the search box and hit enter
Drag the slider to the bottom OK confirm Yes
See if that helps
Consider removing any type of third party firewall products as well as any Antivirus/Internet Security Suites to further the diagnoses. You can re-install them later if they prove not to be an issue. Even consider turning off the built in windows firewall temporarily just to test.

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I did mean mstsc.exe . Thanks for catching that.

Turned off UAC.

I have completely disabled the firewall and AVAST! antivirus.

Still no joy.....


Noob Whisperer
OK, sorry that didn't help. But you need to understand that it is almost impossible to disable most internet security suites, as most often parts of the product will run as a windows service and will run in the background no matter what you do. They often require that they be uninstalled completely and in many cases will need to be uninstalled by a vendor specific uninstaller which you can obtain from the vendor's website avast! Uninstall Utility . I don't know which version of avast that you are using but Avast Internet Security software has what they call a "silent firewall" and unless you are skilled in the under the hood tweaking of such products you may be unaware that it is performing some type of stateful packet inspection in the background.
Also I noticed in your OP, that you made a comment about the laptop connecting wirelessly. While I don't suspect that that is causing your current issue, have you considered just for testing purposes, plugging the laptop into the router using a cat 5 cable.
Also one other thing you may try, check the properties of the VPN and see if unchecking the box that says something about use default gateway on remote network, makes any difference. Can't remember exactly where to find that (don't have a VPN configured presently) but it should be somewhere in the connection properties, as I recall there is only a couple tabs to look through.

Yep, good post Trouble. I was thinking exactly the same thing as you about uninstalling. That simply does need to be done, regardless, for further troubleshooting/testing procedures. It probably will be the actual fix.

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