Windows 7 W7 slipping in Polls -- ANOTHER B/S piece of non information

Discussion in 'Windows News' started by jimbo45, May 17, 2009.

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    Hi all
    I was reading the article on the RSS feed - W7 slipping in the Polls.

    What a load of TOTAL non factual utter piece of Bovine Scatology.
    For a start the number of downloads is NOTHING like the number of computers W7 is installed on -- I must be testing this on around 20 - 30 machines from a single ISO image -- I wasn't "Polled".

    Another point -- do these guys who call themseleves "technical journalists" actually have any idea how even a small office works. You can't just go round willy nilly installing new OS'es on every desktop in site (or even ANY unless you have a special test machine / machine(s) available and are in something like IT infrastructure support - or whatever some American management "Newspeak" calls it today.

    So OF COURSE it's going to be installed on Home computers first probably in the ratio of 99% : 1% - You don't need a PhD in Maths or Statistics to work that one out.

    Don't believe ANYTHING from those type of articles -- the best thing that can happen to those journalists is for them to join the ever lengthening "Unemployment Lines" and normally I don't like to see ANYBODY (apart from some greedy bankers and Politicians) losing their jobs - especially these days.

    So my vote for that article (and the magazine in general is (image attached).

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    Don't worry, I never do. :)

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