W7 upgrade from Vista problems

Recently upgraded from Vista using the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade (designed for Vista). Since then, my computer displays a blue screen on shutdown. Unfortunately, the screen is not there long enough for me to read it but it appears to do a memory stack dump to the hard drive. The computer then restarts automatically.

Also, since the upgrade, it will not install the autoupdates from Microsoft. I now have 44 updates waiting to be installed.

Anyone know what the problem is, please?

Joe S

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I agree with Drew a clean install is the only way to go. Your computer specs will be help too. If it runs fine until shutdown it may be hardware or some software issue.

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I learned a long time ago not to simply upgrade over existing version of windows as it is fraught with problems. I agree with the other guys here. Do a clean install and a full format of the harddrive (not a quick format) and you will be much happier. Yes you will loose some stuff but that is the trade off if you want it to work properly.

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