W7 / Vista won't See XP computer on Network

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by jimbo45, Jan 28, 2009.

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    Hi guys -- I thought I had this problem licked but it seems to have re-appeared again (probably after a Windows update).

    I have 3 computers on a Local Lan I'm testing Blackdog (Vista X-64), Redfox (W7 X-64) and Brownbear (XP Pro)

    The XP computer has no problems seeing / connecting to the W7 / Vista computers -- the W7 / Vista computers only see each other.

    Sharing etc enabled on all computers

    Here's the screenshots one from the XP computer, one from the W7 computer (same as the Vista computer)

    I've stopped temprarily AV software and firewalls --still can't see the XP machine from the W7 / Vista.
    What is a little frustrating is that this WAS working.
    BTW all 3 machines are connected via a WIRED LAN - no wireless involved. I've even disabled Wireless on the router just in case that was causing a problem.

    Any ideas anyone --XP seems to be able to hide itself from a W7/Vista network pretty well -- maybe a good hacking tool !!.
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    bit of a long shot but i wondered if the vista / win 7 machines were using ipv6 to talk to each other and the xp machine is only using ipv4,

    have you tried disabling ipv6 on the vista and win7 machines? (its in adapter properties)
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    Hi Guy
    Bad case of R.T.F.M I think
    What I did was to disable the firewall on the XP Machine -- just for testing
    reset all the file / print sharing options
    then on the XP machine run the NETWORK SETUP WIZARD from the control panel -- not sure what this actually does BTW but at this stage I was going to try anything. I ensured the workgroup name was the same as the W7 / Vista computers. Also when this completes check Finish the wizard - don'trun on other computers.

    Re-boot the XP machine.

    Hey presto. Open Sesame.

    I need the XP machine as I have 3 printers (one plotter) connected to it -- it's too much of a hassle to move these printers around and I can't upgrade that machine yet --have an old Plotter which I use regularly. The manufacturer has long since disappeared so there won't be any Vista / W7 upgrades - and today these devices cost around 3,000 USD --why pay that when the existing hardware works fine.

    re-enable firewall.

    Seems it was something to do with the Network setup wizard needing to be run on the XP machine.

    here's the latest screenshot from the W7 computer --Brownbear (as in the previous post) is the XP machine.

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    W7 / Vista won't See XP

    Make sure that the windows firewall doesn't turn it's self back on while you are checking other settings. That gave me fits setting up the network connections for my VMware workstation.

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