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For some reason my cementmixer (brain) told me I could set up W8 in the following manner BUT it was a failure.
I used this procedure over 30 years ago on large IBM mainframes. The following was my logic:

On the C drive I only have 1 partition which is used for W7 files etc. I used diskmgmt to decrease volume and created a F partition where I THOUGHT I could place W8 automatically on download.

I proceded to download W8 with no problem. I did notice that it asked for a DVD or USB Flash but continued to download anyway.

The fun started when I ran intallation where it proceeded to 90% then I received this message

" Setup unable to initialize startup folder " failure code 0X8007002

If I changed the folder name from Primary Folder to Windows 8 and activated it would that work.



I take it you are trying to create a dual-boot scenario, W7 & W8. This is how:

The W7 will be on a drive (or partition). Another drive (or partition) needs to be available (for the W8)
The W8 image must DLed.
That image must be burnt to DVD
Insert the DVD
Select "Custom Install"
Select the location for the install
Carry on...


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You also need to boot from the DVD and not start the install from running Windows system.

I have a question about dual-booting. I am running Windows 7 and would like to add Windows 8 to dual-boot. I have 2 hard drives installed (one for windows 7, one for file backup). On disc backup, Drive 0 is my backup drive and Drive 1 has the C drive with windows 7 and a new partition I made which is 50GB where I'm trying to get windows 8 to install. Long story short, it fails every time. I do the custom install and put it on the new partition and it will load and start fine. However, next time I start it, it goes directly into Windows 7. I go into my boot options in Windows 7 and it doesn't even show Windows 8 as being installed even though I was in it after installing it. The only thing I can think of is that Windows 7 partition is marked as System and the new partition that Windows 8 is on is marked Primary partition. Can anyone help me figure this out? I've tried to redo the install process 5-6 times and it just never works. Thanks in advance!


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Hello Dan:
Welcome to the forum.
Sorry I can't help explicitly with your exact issue as I've installed a few times now and never experience the same issue. However, I believe this is where some people have managed to overcome a similar issue by installing Easy BCD on their Windows 7 install and managed then to add the Windows 8 install to the boot menu. Download EasyBCD 2.1.2 - NeoSmart Technologies
Not sure if that is something you would want to try or not.


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Dan, if you are installing on an OEM Windows 7 system, there might something repairing the install back to Windows 7...

As far as the OP, I have not done the install process you seem to be using, so I do not know what options you might have. But as has been mentioned, probably a good idea to make a DVD and control the install yourself.

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Thanks so much for the quick replies! This is actually a machine I built and I never made a partition to repair Windows or anything like that. I bought the components, turned it on, and originally installed XP. About a year ago I wiped XP to do a fresh install of 7 and that's when I added the second drive for backup. I have tried using the easyBCD and it brings me to a screen to select Windows 8 but it won't actually run it. It says there is something wrong with the boot files or something along those lines. It allows me to go back and boot into Windows 7 no problem though. The boot windows looks more like DOS then the screen most people are showing. It has been frustrating to say the least! Thanks for any and all help though.

Let me try this, again, as I dual-boot beta OSs over & over, ever since, the 1st Vista Beta.


I take it you are trying to create a dual-boot scenario, W7 & W8. This is how:

The W7 will be on a drive (or partition). Another drive (or partition) needs to be available (for the W8)
The W8 (.iso) image must DLed.
That (.iso) image must be burnt to DVD (W7 does this natively & properly)
From OFF, Start machine w/ DVD in the Optical Drive
Will see, Hit any key to boot from CD/ROM, do that
Windows comes up w/ Install Now button, hit it.
Put in info til windows showing list of Drives (partitions)
Select the one where the install should go, hit Next
Select "Custom Install", not Upgrade.
Complete W8 install... by the way, if & when you see, Hit any key to boot from CD/ROM, again, don't, just let it go on by itself. Only hit any key the one, 1st time.
Once W8 is in & you come to reboot, now, there will be a screen w/ W8 & W7 choices. As Joe, said, follow my instructions... do not try to run the W8 DVD whilst in W7, from w/in W7.

I hope the above helps you. If done thusly, in msconfig, whether in 7 or 8, the Boot tab will show 2 boot paths.

Keep it simple, like described above & you should have success.


Thanks for the response Drew. Unfortunately I have done those exact steps about 5 times with the same result every time. I think the problem is coming from the first time I tried to do it. I used a USB stick but my USB ports sometimes only work as USB 1.1. I think that gave the install process problems. After that didn't work, I found a DVD and created a bootable DVD but It still won't allow it to run. I've now deleted the new partition, ran defrag, a secure erasing program, and a chkdsk. I remade my partition and tried the whole process over and again it wouldn't give me the option on the boot menu. I am running out of ideas now. I've ran the install process about 10 total times and the only time I can get into Windows 8 is during the install process. Very frustrating! haha

Please, tell me from where & how you are creating the DVD.

I downloaded the .iso from Microsofts website and burned it using Nero

1st of all, if using Windows 7, Nero is not needed. Try burning it natively from 7. The problem may be that it was burnt @ too fast a speed.

Windows 7 & 8 need no added burning software or programs... not, even, for ISOs. They will image burn natively.



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Just right click on the iso file and choose Burn Disk Image

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It's also a good idea to keep the burn speed to 4X max. Faster caused a lot of problems with Windows 7.

Still no luck. tried everything above. I even did a reformat, data wipe, disc defrag and optimize, and a registry cleaner trying to make sure everything was cleaned before installing again. Still no luck. I'm thinking it just isn't going to work on my computer!

Just to confirm what you are saying, does Windows 8 boot at all? I mean after the install process, do you get a first boot to see the start, or it reboots after install complete and goes to win 7? Also, did I get it right, are you using two different hard drives?
I experienced the dual-boot issue, only that, I use 1HDD of 1TB. Before you play with EasyBCD if there are two hard drives, go into BIOS, and select the win8 hdd as primary boot device. Windows 8 should boot, and it should natively dual-boot. If it just goes to win8 without boot menu, then use EasyBCD from within win8. For me, win8 installed, but I had no win7 boot option, so I added it with EasyBCD. I later discovered that if you shut down the computer from windows 8, next time it will display the boot menu. If you shut down from win7, it won't. However, try the BIOS change first, and if you boot win8, then go ahead and use EasyBCD just to make sure, and add win7 as a boot option. Also, when setting the win8 hdd as primary, in BIOS, disable any secondary boot devices.

2 drives or 2 partitions, doesn't matter if physically separate HDDs or one. There's an OS on one. Another OS is installed on the other. You reboot, it hits a choice, you pick one & go. I've duel & triple booted for years. Has required nothing.

I was finally able to figure it out. My Windows 7 was actually installed on Disc 1 and Disc 0 was the backup drive. I was trying to make a second partition on Disc 1. Finally I shut the machine down, made sure my Windows 7 drive was moved to the first available SATA port, unplugged the second drive, and booted back into Windows 7. I then restarted and installed Windows 8. I now get the choice when I boot up. Drew I appreciate your help but apparently it did matter that the second drive was in there. That is the only different thing I did this time and it allowed it to fire right up. Thanks again for everyones help! Now I need to get used to this new look!

Terrific, Dan. Great you got it sorted. Now, may you have some fun. Trust you enjoy what you find.


I have a samsung RV520 with win7. I partitioned my drive D which is now called windows 8 G and downloaded win8 upgrade which appeared on my desktop as install windows
When I tried to install win8 from the desktop this statement appeared -- cannot initialize the startup folder.
What do I do now ? I asked for a DVD backup disc . If it arrives will it work or give similar statements.
Installing previous window programs used to be easy but not any more (my computer almost crashed) and it took me several days to put in order.
has anyone any advise --- thanks Ian

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