Windows 7 Wacom Intuos 4 Mouse scrolling bug

Heres the problem: In SOME full-screen applications when scrolling, the mouse gets jammed into the lower right corner. It's able to be moved away, but if I'm using it to control my camera (FPS style.) I end up looking 90 to 180 degree's to my right. It makes a lot of this impossible like zooming the map or easily using menus on skyrim, or changing weapons on any fps. (Killing Floor and Battle Field 3 checked.)

On DotA2 however, the scrolling it fine. Also in the steam client overlay, I can scroll the browser flawlessly.

I have a feeling this might be because I have 2 monitors and the games listed are on the 1st (main) display. The other issue below might complicate it or be another different issue.

On some applications I cannot click correctly, and only 1 out of every 5 to 15 go through.

I used a different mouse and it seemed to click correctly, but the other problem was still there.

The thing is, the clicking only messes up in a few programs: Ventrilo and Launchy are confirmed.

When launching the options menu of launchy, the mouse seems to gain pen based behavior or at least tracking.

It's odd and quite confusing. I've tried to find a solution for months (Checking google every 2-4 weeks.) and cannot figure out why this is happening.

Thanks in advance for any help I may receive.

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