Wake up sound and display problems

i just recently upgraded my memory on my gateway m 1617 to run a 64bit operating system. I installed windows 7 home premium and everything works great until i wake my computer from sleep mode, after i wake it up it has a X over the volume controls in the toolbar and when i get menus that pop up asking for permission to do something i see white lines across my screen. I've run the windows 7 upgrade advisor multiple times and it says that my computer is okay to run 64 bit. Everything else works fine after waking my computer up its just the sound and the display problems. Can anyone help me out on this one?


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Hello, and welcome to the Windows 7 Forums :)

This is such a repetitive question,

But did you do a clean install or and "upgrade" from Vista?

thanks for the welcome and im sorry if the question gets asked a lot but i really am just out of ideas as to how to fix it. Im sure its just something that im overlooking. I did a clean install because i upgraded my memory to run a 64 bit version of windows 7

heres all i really know about my computer

gateway m 1617
4gb of ram
250 gig hard drive
BIOS version 90.03 (just updated today trying to solve the problem)
AMD Turion 64x2
ATI Graphics
Realtek High Def Audio

also (im pretty sure this ties in with the sound problem) i have problems with my display when windows prompts me on a change.. some of my pixels are white in horizontal stripes, thanks for answering my post i was starting to loose hope


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OK, do you mention you have the most up-to-date BIOS, do you also have the most up-to-date AUDIO, GRAPHICS AND CHIPSET drivers?

the audio driver is up to date. the chipset driver i haven't had any luck on. gateway support site had one for vista 32 bit. any help finding the right chipset driver would be much appreciated. thank you.


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OK, post the model here and I'll see what I can dig up.

haha this might be a dumb question but what model.. the computer model is gateway m 1617 im sorry in advance if thats not what you were looking for hahaha


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Well I checked it out as well, and also checked similar models for 64-bit drivers that would be compatible with your system, and from what I see, installing 32 bit may be the best choice at the time, and you won't notice a performance difference as your computer has less than 3 GB of RAM. Don't do that yet though, as there's still a few things we can try, though I won't be back online until tomorrow.

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