Wallet Strings

I've recently started looking into this, because today I came so close to losing my wallet in the city (if it wasn't for something, I would not have noticed I left it somewhere) and when I googled ways to not let this happen, I've been reading about "wallet chains" but I'm not interested in metal chains, but more like the string at the bottom of this:

I don't want things over the shoulder or purse-like wallets. I'm looking for something where I can have my wallet in my back or side pockets, but at the same time I can attach a wallet string from the wallet to one of my belt loops...know what I'm saying?

Does anyone by chance know where I can find one of these separately or with a wallet, because I'm not interested in buying a set of 4 different strings shown above. I take it they may be in the same store selling wallets. I would like to know the "official" term for this thing though, that way my searching of it and finally getting it will be easier.



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You can get these on most market places ... in the UK.


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It was tough to find anything for men with a string or leather, it's usually chains. I would suggest either eBay or a local leather shop.


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ebay :) >


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