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Windows 7 Want to Create Vmware VM's with VMPLAYER - Here's how


New Member
Jan 20, 2009
Hi guys
Vmware workstation is a great tool --loads of people on these boards are using it.
However it's not particulrly cheap. Vmware do provide a free piece of software VMPLAYER but this can't CREATE Virtual machines .

Anyway there's a little piece of FREE software called QEMU (works both on Linux and Windows) which van create a Virtual Machine which can be used with VMPLAYER.

Follow the instructions -- it's 100% legal and FREE.
Virtual Machine testing is a great way of having several different OS's including W7 available for testing without having to boot etc etc.

The instructions refer to Windows XP but you can create VM's for W7 as well -- just increase the Virtual Disk size - for W7 you'll probably want a minimum of 20 GB.

Note it is also possible to run 64 Bit GUEST VM's on a 32 Bit Host system such as W7 -X64 Guest on Windows XP but note a) the host machine must be capable of supporting a 64 bit guest (the Intel VM facilty must be enabled in the Bios by default or explicitly) -- I'm using a laptop with a dual T7250 intel processor which does support 64 bit guests. Just because the processor runs 64 bit does not automatically mean it's capable of running 64 bit guest virtual machines.

and b) don't forget that the guest cannot see more RAM than the host -- so if you are running XP on an 8GB machine your W7 X-64 bit guest will only see 4GB at the most. You can check whether your machine will run a 64 bit guest by downloading the 64 bit guest check utility from VMWARE's site

Anyway here's how to use vmplayer to create and modify Virtual machines.

VMware Player with your own Windows XP Professional Virtual Machine