Want to Format Drive Having XP

I have 3 operating systems on my Computer.
Drive C is Active and Primary and has Win Xp.
Drive D has Wind 7
Drive E is used for my data and backups.
after that i installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
i have the concepts about the boot loader. i dont want to keep XP now. and want to format the drive C to get rid of XP.
but i m afraid that if i format the C Drive my Win 7 will not boot.
what should i do?
My C Drive having Xp is of 30 GB. i want that 30 GB space. what should i do so that i get the space and there would be no boot problem for win 7.


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Make Windows 7 the active drive, format drive C and run Startup repair from the Win 7 install disk to deal with any boot problems.

what will happen if i dont format the Drive C and only Delete the Files permanently by shift+del.
will this still effect the booting of win 7?


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It shouldn't - the boot sector will be unaffected and there should be no files related to booting Win 7 from drive D stored on the C drive.


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I would recommend that you download and install EasyBCD and run it before you do anything with your C: drive.

Download EasyBCD For Windows 7

Make sure that C: is removed from the Boot list and test it to make sure that it boots into your Windows 7 and Linux setups without giving you and option for XP before you remove the data on C:. Removing one of the operating systems if it is part of the boot list can cause the computer to not boot into anything.

EasyBCD is as it says easy.

It will show you the exact status of your boot set up.


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