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Apr 7, 2009
I searched all over the Warhammer forums for a fix to this, I can get the Mythic patcher to 98% but that is it. I need about 35 MB yet to download but it says "the patch client was unable to retrieve the file [base/vo_english.myp/f6a39f2985e03878] from the patch server. Please try the patch operation again in a short while." I have tried deleting the audio.myb, vo_english.myb, and world.myb. Some people said to delete warpatch.bin but I do not have that file. When I searched for it it came up with a 806 KB file that is labeled as a virtual clone drive file, I tried deleting that also and it didnt help. Has anyone else had this problem or found a fix? I have also tried right clicking the Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning folder and unclicking Read-Only, didnt do anything. 98% it is sooo close!!!

I have the 7000 Build btw.
I installed the patcher without worries but the game needed Directx 9.0c to run, installed it from the War DVD and it runs perfectly now way better then on the xp....
I want to echo the problems you're having Con. Just installed the 7100 Build earlier today and I stall out on the Warhammer patch client at the same point with the same problem!

Are there any answers or solutions to this!??! :frown:
Same problem as Con. Running Win7 RC 7100 x64, downloading free trial... Each time, stops and says "The patch client was unable to retrieve the file [ʃase/vo_english.myp/f6a39f2985e03878].

I'm disappointed that my trial period is going to be consumed trying to get the trial.
I still haven't found a fix for this yet. I was somewhat lucky though, as I had installed and patched the game before switching to Windows 7. I found the old install in my Windows.old folder and it runs fine from there. I've even gone on to purchase the full version and download the full version patches with no problems. Although I know installing vista, patching warhammer, then re-install 7 isn't much of a solution :\...

On the Warhammer forums they talked about possibly downloading Language packs, because allegedly there's a symbol somewhere in the filename that won't patch that windows 7 doesn't understand. It might be worth a shot...
I am now installing the language packs (French, German, Spanish, and Japanese). Will post results.
The above 4 language packs did NOT solve the issue. Pursuing other language packs at this time.
Found a possible solution:

Link Removed due to 404 Error

Trying it now, will post results in the morning (after long DL)
I have success! The solution is as follows:

1. Go to the directory where you installed the trial and find the file "Patch.cfg" and open it with notepad
2. There are two URLs in the .cfg file. Replace the string "livepretrial" or "livetrial" (whichever it is) with "live" in both URLs.
3. Save, then reboot the updater. When I did this, it had me download a significant boatload of extra stuff (about 3GB, if I remember right). Then, it finished, and allowed me to boot the game, where I was promptly kicked out because it failed to "authenticate".
4. Go back to patch.cfg and replace "live" with whatever it was before in the two URLs.
5. Save and restart the patcher. I had to download another 50 MB or so at this point, but then the trial started without a hitch. Currently level 3!
I have success! The solution is as follows:

Thanks Kenny, your fix appears to be working. What was a remaining 50mb download became 3.2gb and have not incurred an error yet. As for the direct x suggestion, are newer versions not inclusive or compatible? I've never considered installing 9 when I'm running 11
Well, I gave up from the time I posted but decided to give it one more go with the suggestions here. Unfortunately I wasnt able to save over the existing patch.cfg file and every time I would change my folder from read only it would just switch it back. If EA cared about this they would fix it, we shouldn't have to go through all these work arounds to fix the free trial lol. I deleted the patch.cfg file and saved a new one evetually but it was saved as a text file from notepad even though I named it patch.cfg. Than I got some error which I am assuming was caused by me replacing the patch.cfg file. This is just one headache to the next. Almost time for trial number 2 to be over.
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