Insider Preview Warning : CCleaner on Win 10 Tech Preview


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Today I installed Win 10 Technical Preview into my VMware Player.
Install was successful. After all essentials setup, I proceeded to install 3 programs which I use in all my computers....... CCleaner, Malwarebytes (free) and MS Office Home and Student 2007.
I installed them and then ran the CCleaner and Malwarebytes.
Malwarebytes found 19 pups. No big deal.
CCleaner removed 300+MB of contents.
That is all I had installed. Nothing was uninstalled.
After a long while, I clicked at the Start button, instead of getting the new Start Menu, I got only this shorty.....
Image 3.png

Good thing I created restore points every step of the way.
Ran system restore, picking the restore point prior to the 3 installs. That restored the Start Menu.
I reinstalled Malwarebytes, ran it. Check the Start Menu. Still there.
I reinstalled MS Office 2007. Check the Start Menu. Still there.

It has to be the CCleaner removing the start menu contents. How ? I don't know.
I checked the Windows section and the Applications section. I don't see anything that would cause this. But I am not going to reinstall it and then run it. I'll just do without it.

Speaking of system restore, something new.
System restore includes 2 new operations which will run after the "normal" routine...... Automatic PC Repair, and Diagnosing the PC.


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After I read your account David I tried my Ccleaner which I had installed last night but had not used yet. Anyway all seems ok. I didn't lose anything from the Start menu neither. I wonder why it happened with your copy?

Oh for got to mention, ran Malwarebytes Pro and as above fine again. It didn't find anything neither.
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1. Ran a sfc and found corrupt files but unable to repair.
2. Ran a dism command and restorehealth was successful.
3. Reinstalled Ccleaner and ran it. No issue.

My previous supposition was wrong.
Thank you.