Windows 7 Warrock

It Shows me a message Cannot Extract Updater.Zip file

i run it as Win XP SP2,but i keeps showing that message,i closed my Antivirus but it keeps showing.
what should i do?


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I'm gonna assume you've just downloaded it and need to open it?
Try using this: 7-Zip

i don't need to open the update the game:Warrock,and it says it can't extract the

used to have this problem in XP

Hey.. i remember getting this problem on XP when i used to play this pathetic excuse for a game. No offense. (I'm not trying to start a flame war... i just cant stand the lag and whatnot) Anyway.. I had to remove the game completely and reinstall it. However, because this is on Win7.. I'm not all that sure. Have you been able to run it yet? or not at all because the updater crashes.

not at all.i just installed it.i was trying to reinstall it,remove and install again but the same message appears.

if u can explain me what to do.i just came to the file he said and turn just the file to xp.and than i turn on warrock but it doesn't warrock.if u can explain me what to do in the proper and the right way i'll be glad.

ok what you want to do is go to the directory where warrock is installed. locate the .exe file that launches warrock. (I'm going to guess warrock.exe but it could be something else.) Right click it and hit properties. > Go to the compatibility tab. Select the checkbox that reads "run this program in compatibility for" and select windows xp sp3 from the dropdown menu. Also select the checkbox at the bottom that reads "run this program as an administrator" Go to the file path "C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\War Rock\Data\HShield\Update" and do the same thing for the file "autoup.exe" This is the updater execution file. Also do the same thing for your desktop shortcut (if you have one.. although you shouldn't need to do this but i would anyway). So this should fix it. It appears that the person who ran it was running it on win7 64-bit (indicitive by the "Program Files (x86)" in the filepath) So assuming that this actually does work, you should be good to go after that.

HTH - let me know if it works!

First.let me thank you personally.I really appreciate your effort.
Unfortunately,still it doesn't work,even i did all u said,perfectly.
If it's not hard for you,try to find another way,because I want to play it so much!!!


No problem! just trying to help!.. i know it gets frustrating... esp if you're a premium member and aren't getting your money's worth.. ok I've found a similar solution on the gamersfirst forums. But I recommend reinstalling it first - try running the installer in compatibility mode if at all possible. Then try the following instructions: (SRC: Good Luck - Let me know how it goes!

Running War Rock with Windows 7

In order to run War Rock on Windows 7 you have to do the following steps:

1. Go to the directory that you have installed War Rock in.
2. Find WRLauncherprogram. Right click on it and then select properties.
3. Select the compatibility tab.
4. Select run this program in compatibility mode and choose one of the XP or Vista service packs. I chose Windows Vista Service Pack 2.
5. Press OK.
6. Then in the /system/ directory find WarRockprogram. Right click on it again and select properties.
7. Select the compatibility tab.
8. Select run this program as administartor, but NOT running in a compatibility mode. When I did this I got an error from hackshield telling me I couldn't run it in compatibility mode.
9. You should then be able to start War Rock as normal and the auto macro error should disappear.

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Still,it doesn't work.
I don't know what to say to you,you are such a wonderful person,so polite.
I don't think I should ask you to try to solve my problem,because I think It's not ok.
Anyway,If you want to keep trying to help me I'll be glad :)

No problem man! -- I don't know what to tell you. Unfortunately it doesn't look like its supported on 7 yet (most likely because its still in betaRC phase).. and those that have it working are either lying... or are lucky.. take your pick haha. They'll have to fix it by the time win7 releases. I'm sorry I couldn't be of much assistance.. especially if you are a premium member. Good luck with your search and please post here if you find a way to get it working! I'll let you know if I find anything else that has a different approach.

I really appreciate all your effort and your intent to help me.
I'll be glad if u can give your MSN or Facebook,so we can talk there,it is more convenient.

again,Thank You! :)

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