Ways to Get Windows Vista Before January 30th

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    Many may be wondering about this. There are about several ways to get a genuine copy of Microsoft Windows Vista now. If you're a software developer you can get a subscription to the Microsoft Developer Network and get a final copy of Windows Vista for non-production use. IT professionals can sign up for a Microsoft TechNet subscription for evaluation and testing purposes. Both of these are limited by the Microsoft End User License Agreement (EULA) to non-production use.

    Visit MSDN | Visit TechNet

    If you join the Microsoft Partner Program you can get Windows Vista under a Microsoft Action Pack subscription. You can also sign up for Volume Licensing and buy multiple copies of the operating system and you will receive it before the release date.

    If you buy a new computer from several companies you may qualify for the Express Upgrade and be sent a free copy of Windows Vista when its released on January 30th.

    These are the only legal ways that I know of. Please don't discuss ways to pirate or obtain Windows Vista illegally.

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