WD Ext Hardrive


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I have a WD Ext Hardrive Drive. I backed up my files at the office (Windows 7 OP System) yesterday. I wanted to access a file at home (PC loaded with Windows XP), but when I plugged in the Ext HD , a message comes up "USB Device not recognised -one of the USB devices attached to this computer has mulfunctioned and Windows does not recognise this. For assistance in solving this problem, please click the message".

The light at the back of the EXT HD comes on. I then tried to connect the Ext HD to my Laptop , which uses Windows XP, but the same error comes up.

It would be appreciated if anyone assist me in resolving this problem

My advice would be to check the drive from the office machine.

It is possible the drive was damaged during transport.


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Thanks for the reply. Will check the drive when I get to the office. If not working, I will get a new Ext HD as they are fairly cheap

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