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Joe S

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I recently bought a 2T WD My Book with their Smart Ware because I didn't know what it was. It's a really crappy backup program with minimal controls. On top of that there is a VCD that is impossible to delete or format. Before you buy one on sale do some web searches and see the problems and complaints and save yourself some aggravation. This is the Last WD I'll ever buy.

Joe... take a deep breath my friend...

Western Digital is merely trying to compete in a sea of crap.

The problem is not the drive... it's most likely the controller in the sleeve. If you go out and purchase a separate sleeve for the drive ( Vantec ) then transplant the internal drive to it, I think you'll find you can treat the thing just like a regular hard disk.

Western Digital has been my choice of disk drives for a very long time. They're quiet, run cool and last forever. I've got 10 year old WD drives out there that have been spinning day and night the whole time without a problem.

Joe S

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I bought a 1T late last year same model and no software. When I looked at this one I figured it was just a stripped down backup version hoping to entice you to buy the full package. Just wanted to warn people before they buy. I figured out how to straighten it out myself. It's still annoying not to be able to delete the useless 600+ Meg VCD. Your solution would void the warranty.
Here is the reply I got from WD Customer Service
Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is Kimberlin.

Unfortunately, the VCD can not be remove from the drive, we're currently working on a firmware update to completely erase application's VCD, however, you can manually copy/paste, transfer or drag and drop files directly into the hard drive, without needing to use the program, you will just need to open My computer, under "hard disk drives" you will find an icon for your drive i.e.: My Book drive (x), where you will drag, copy or transfer files of preference. We have released a new software update that allows you to disable the program's VCD. Please check further information on the links below.

Title: WD SmartWare Software Update for Windows
Link: Welcome wdc.comstep1.asp - Hostmonster.com

Title: How to move or copy files from one hard drive to another in Windows
Link: How to move or copy files from one hard drive to another in Windows

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

They should take whoever came up with this stroke of genius and the one who approved it and put them to a task more in line with their abilities like cleanning the crappers!

I agree with CommonTater. I have always built my own external hard drive units with a hard drive and then an external case for it.

These work much better without all the problems such as you're experiencing.

Now all my external hard drive enclosures are eSATA connections so the speed is very fast on file and folder transfers.

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