Web Browsing doesn't work


New Member
I have a very annoying a problem.
Sometimes when I'm browsing my internet just stops working, and I can't use the web browsers, but programs such as torrent clients, skype and others work, just the web browsing doesn't work. The other computer that's connected not wireless to the internet works fine only my computer which works wirelessly does that.
The weird thing is that I live in 2 apartments so I have one apartment where I'm connected and I never have this problem. but in my other apartment it always happenes to me(they have different routers). The way to fix it, is to restart the router every time and then it works but it can go back to the problem in 2 minutes and I'll have to restart it again.
It has to be a router problem right?
any this you can think of?
I tried using different browsing softwares(firefox, chrome IE ) no difference

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