Windows 8 Web browsing in Windows 8 Release Preview with IE10

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Microsofts 'Building Windows 8' blog carries an article concerning the use of IE10 with the new release preview. It has some useful tips and is well worth a read..

Summary of other key changes from the Consumer Preview

IE10 in the Windows 8 Release Preview brings a more full-featured Metro style experience to your browsing. Again, you can read more details of changes to the underlying HTML5 engine and more on the IE blog. Here are just some of the improvements to IE10 for fast and fluid browsing:
•Improved Fast & fluid touch: full independent composition for real web sites (including fixed elements, sub-scrollers, animations, and video)
•Smoother UI transitions and animations with less flicker on low-end hardware
•Support for subset of Flash in Metro style IE for top sites for media playback and gaming
• Support for full-screen HTML5 video, including double-tap zoom to full-screen
• Improved layout for site selection with “light dismiss” and notation for Favorites and Pinned site
• Improved browser command bar layout and favicon treatment, with consolidated navigation bar controls
• Adjust default web page zoom level on high res screens
• Context menu for “Save Image”
•Context menu for “Paste and Go”
•Improved touch visual feedback for following links
• Support for high-res image for pinned sites tile in start screen
• Integrated network trouble shooter in Metro style IE
• Metro style auto-complete drop down
• Flip ahead for next page navigation (user opt-in)
• Do Not Track (DNT) setting on by default


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