web cam problems

Hello, im new on windows 7, i have windows 7 RC x86 and i have many problems to install my cam that i used before with windows Xp x86, i tried to install que first drivers that i had but it didnt work, so i searched for the windows vista drivers for this camera (Genius trek 320R) and i uninstalled que xp drivers and installed que vista drivers, and when i plugg the camera in, thers a message sayin "installing you camera's drivers from windows update", and then it ends and says "ur camera is ready to use" and then there appears my camera as plugged and recognized, but when i try to open it i get this error "error 80040154: Cannot create capture video filter" and if i click cancel (its the only option) i get this screen "LiveCam.exe has stopped working please wait while blah blah"....also when i go to msn tools/ configure audio and video, theres my camera, but there also says "windows cannot connect to this webcam, please close any other programs that may be using this camera" something like that, and im not using any other program with this camera....Ill appreciate any help...Thanks.

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