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Hello folks!!

well its been a while since i fixed it up all with vista and got it running just perfect, thanks to "kemical", who helped me with my previous post for maintain and fixing vista.
well as new problems bloom on vista tree everyday as i keep on trying different things on it, i changed my isp to one with pppoe adsl 512kps (something like that, i'm not really good with pc stuff) i'm having trouble loading pages like MSN.com and random pages,..ive already tried deleting cookies and histories and stuff on IE, ran full antivirus scans with avg, kaspersky, nod32 and some cleanrs like ccleaner , and also i tried all with another vista, 64bit homebasic edition, but still problem exists.
I have bridge connection cause either i dont know how to configure pppoe on my router right, or it doesn't work well on my router.
and just last night i tried my router and adsl line with xp on my old laptop, worked fine and loads msn.com without any glitches.
the weird thing is that i'm able to ping the sites my browser can't open, and i can open them trough proxy servers just fine.

I'll apreciate any suggestion
feliz navidad!

well i reinstalled my motherboard driver, and it got fixed its workin fine now!
figured thered be something wrong with my ethernet drive


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Hi Behnam, glad to see you got things sorted, it's always really satisfying when you fix a problem without any help.. Just to let you know that there is a few updates available from MS which are specifically for IE although you have to get them yourself from the main update site. Which is here:
Microsoft Download Center: Windows Vista
I will mention however that SP1 is due to be released sometime in Jan 08. This will include all the updates released for Vista, so if you can't be bothered to trawl through the website just wait for that.
Have a Happy New Year..

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