Web pages compessed in IE8 after upgrading


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Here's one I haven't seen before. I upgraded an older Pentium 4 socket 478 from Vista 32 to Windows 7 Home Premium 32 doing a clean install. I thought that the desktop icons looked larger than they should and I was surprised to see under "personalization", "display", that "larger, 150%" was the default. On other machines I've upgraded, 100% is the default.
This machine is running a Radeon X1950 card, now considered legacy and is using the drivers supplied by Microsoft during the update. I changed the personalization for the desktop to "smaller, 100%" which makes the icons appear normal size. The screen resolution is the normal 1900x1200 for my Samsung T260.

Here is the problem: With the personalization level set to 100%, web pages are severely compressed in IE8 and the text so small as to be unreadable. However, if you use Firefox 3.5, the webpages appear fine, undistorted and the text is readable and clear. If I change the desktop setting back to the "default" of 150%, pages display fine in IE8, but are huge in Firefox! Does anyone know what's going on here and what settings if any, I need to change, possibly in IE8?

The above anomaly has not happened as I said with other Win 7 upgrades I have done, although they were 64 bit and this one is 32 bit if that makes any difference.

One solution would be to ditch IE8 and stick with Firefox for this particular computer, but I'm still curious as to what's going on.


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I guess I figured it out. Changing the "zoom" and "text" settings under "view" from the IE8 toolbar now causes the pages to be appropriately displayed. I didn't make any changes myself during the upgrade, but a couple of failed install attempts to upgrade the graphics card driver might have been the culprit.

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