Webcam problems

Please help

I am trying to get my webcams to work.

I have a logitech c200 which worked fine for a while. However the visuals have gone (microphone works fine though). I have just purchased a MS VX-2000 it fails to work at all. No camera or microphone. I at least thought a MS product would work with windows. This is what I have attempted so far.

I have uninstalled and reninstalled the software.
I have the most up to date drivers.
I have contacted Logitech Help and they cannot find anything wrong.
I have updated my Nvidia video drivers.
I have updated Windows.
I have tried different USB ports.
I have managed to get the C200 to work on another machine.

I am at a loss as to what I should do next.
Please help


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Does it show up in the device manager?

Do other USB devices work, if not try uninstalling the USB drivers?

Run UBUTU off a cd and see if it works, if so that a least removes the concern for a hardware issue.

The webcam shows up on device manager. It is listed under imaging devices. The other USB devices all work fine.
Apologies for my ignorance, but I do not know what UBUTU is.


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No problem it's hard to tell what level of experience a person has on a forum.
UBUNTU (I fat figered the name on the previous post) is a Linux OS. It can be downloaded and burned to a CD and you can run it without installing anything on your PC. Doing this helps to separate software and hardware problems because it uses a different OS and different drivers.
Do a search for it on the internet and you will find all the information you need on how to download it and create a CD.

If you have access to another PC you might want to try the two cameras on it to make sure they are not bad. First one worked for a while and the mic still works, the second does not and never worked COULD be an out of box failure. This would be the easist way to pin down the problem.

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