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I have 2 HP webcams "4110 & and new 5210"If I check the white balance on the 4110 I have a nice clear picture with no yellow from the indoor lights. If I uncheck it I get a yellow picture. On the 5210 it don't matter if I check the white balance or not because it doesn't make any difference. I'm not sure if this is the right forum but if it's not could you point me to the right one. I called HP and was on the phone for over 1 hours and transfered 8 times and the tech I got had no idea what I was talking about, in other words there is no tech support at HP that I know of. Microsoft is no difference. They were so bad I just sent their web cam back. In this day and age tech support which comes from over seas, you might as well ask the person on the street begging for a dollar so If anyone knows of a forum that I can get help for my HP webcam please let me know.

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You say that the check in the 5210 doesn't make a difference... but can I assume that it's white balance is off? (yellow)?

Why don't you try to un-check the auto white balance and adjust it manually?

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I have: They sent me another 5210 and it don't work. I tried both in two computer using 3 OS's


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First, since no one has answered you on the HP forums, try moving your thread from
HP Support Forum Home>Desktop/Monitor>Monitors/Video
HP Support Forum Home>Other HP Products>Other Products

What are you using to set the White balance? Have you tried it with a stable software like Skype?

Will they exchange the cam to a different model since it's not working?

I'm using Arcsoft just like I use in my 4110 webcam and in skype it's the same, no white balance, I ask if I can downsize to the 4110 because I know the white balance on that works.


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If you really like that cam and want to do a workaround, since the color is shown yellowish that means you would need the opposite color to controvert, which would be blue. So either have a more bluish light in the room which would be a florescent 5600K light or tape a small piece of something lightly tinted blue like colored plexiglass or something to either the camera lens or to the light source in the room. That would get your balance back to normal. I do it all the time with our video cameras.

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