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this is how it comes up comes up as an icon when earlier in March and alway it would come up as the video itself what you see in uppoer photo now I get this not the video i get the icon not the video on my desk top I fi iwant to see or send the video i have to click on the icon. As i said earlier in March it was working fine then one da this happened not sure if it was a windows update


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i just clicke don the icon and got the video full size it is hard to eplain if you are not seeing what i mean first hand
I dont have and dont know that software, you are telling so many things, please....
First: have you tried reinstalling the logitec software?


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Sorry, that won't work.
- find the folder which contains the icon
- find in the top of that folder 'Options', click on it followed by 'Change folder and search options'
- next window 'Folder Options' pops up, click on 'View'
- deselect 'Always show icons, never thumbnails'
Hope this helps
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